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Human Communication Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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We cannot train animals to speak and communicate like human do because we have unique properties that animals do not have. Discuss these properties and provide relevant evidence to justify your arguments. In your opinion, which of these properties are the most significant in human communication. Give reasons to support your answer.
Human and animals do communicate. According to Bradbury and Vehrencamp (1998), communication involves the provision of information (by a sender to a receiver, and subsequent use of this information by the receiver in deciding how or whether to respond. What differs the way human communicate and animal communicate is the language. When linguists argue that animals do not have language, they do not mean that animals lack the skill to communicate.   They mean that no other animal has a system of communication like human language. Simply put, human language differs from animal communication in different ways. It has unique properties and characteristics.
One of the features of human language that distinguishes it from animal communication is arbitrariness. Arbitrariness means there is no connection between the sign or word and what it signifies. When a person says “table”, people who are new learners will not be able to know what “table” directly means or represents unless the object is shown. Arbitrariness also proves that language shows variety as there is no restriction. In our daily communication, English “love” is “sarang” in Korean and “amour” in French. Although they are in different words, the meaning is still the same. On the other hand, most of the sounds produced by the animals have direct relation between signal and its purpose. These signals are limited as well to warn about the predators, attract mates, repel against enemies or competitors and many more. When a bee finds a suitable source of honey, it flies back to the hive and communicates the location to the other bees by dancing which is known as a ‘wagging’ dance....

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