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Human Alienation from Nature Essay

  • Submitted by: meli3553
  • on April 1, 2014
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Running head: ALIENATION AND NATURE                                                                               1

ALIENATION AND NATURE                                                                                                       2

Human Alienation from Nature
For many years most humans have not and do not respect nature as they should because they do not see it as a living Creation of God, they see more as a lifeless object with no inner being.   Humans have no sense of empathy towards nature because as far as they are concerned nature is nothing more than an object with no interior, so there is no reason to value it as anything except as nothing more than resources.   Since humans have had this attitude towards nature over the years things have progressed and technology has played a big role in the alienation of humans and nature.   The more advanced that technology gets the more people become wrapped up in it; the need to have things done quickly and easily has become the norm.   People seem to need more and more technology, and seem to forget or do not care about nature and what is happening to it.  
I think there are a few ways people can overcome their alienation from nature by interacting more in and with nature in some way.   One way I think people can start is going for walks, hiking, and maybe bike riding more. This is a not only a good way to get exercise but it helps people get out and not use their vehicles so much, and/or lets them go out and see what they have been missing out on; especially if they have close by mountain trails and such where

ALIENATION AND NATURE                                                                                                       3
they can go for a nice nature walk.   Another good way would be to start small garden, it doesn’t have to be fruits and vegetables but maybe some pretty little flowers that are easy to maintain then work their way up to planting some fruits and vegetables. This would...

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