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Hughes Use Some Stragey In Early Autum Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Discuss some strategies that Hughes uses to achieve universality. You might, for example, call attention to the story’s impersonal point of view, the lack of descriptive detail about the character’s appearances, and the generality of the information about the characters’ lives.
In “Early Autumn” Hughes shows how a choice that was not well thought out can bring sadness to one’s life. He uses the fall as a setting helps us to visualize the tranquility and time that had passed between Bill and Mary. In the beginning of the story, Hughes tells us about Bill being in love when he was very young and how they spent many nights walking, talking together without really knowing who they are. He also mentioned that a misunderstanding ended their relationship and she had married a man she thought she loved while Bill was left bitter about women. That means there were things left unsaid between the two. In the first paragraph,”…she saw him for the first time in years. “Bill Walker,” she said. He stopped. At first he did not recognize her, to him she looked so old…“Mary! Where did you come from?” Unconsciously, she lifted her face as though wanting a kiss, but he held out his hand. She took it.” Hughes show that Mary is now living in the past while Bill can’t get over the fact that she looks so old and was determined to let her know he was doing well. Hughes uses the words “old and young” to show the contrast between not only their ages, but the amount of time that past. Hughes uses “Space and people. She lost sight of Bill.” Shows that the connection between Bill and Mary was lost again without them getting everything out. Only after the bus door closed she could speak but it was too late, he didn’t hear her. They didn’t exchange information to contact each other and Mary love Bill so much that she named her son after him.
The setting being in Washington Square, a busy place with a lot of people walking by, sets the mood that suggests times passes by quickly and people move...

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