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Hr Scorecard Essay

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Change management models are methods by which the processes of change management are implemented. Change is the vein that keeps an organization alive and change management can make or break the organization. The models have been formulated as a result of the successful application of the methods described in them. The most common change management models include
• Lewin’s Change Management Model
• 7 s Model
• 5 P Model
Lewin’s Change Management Model
The idea behind this change management model is that if you have a cube of ice, but you desire to have a cone of ice, you first melt the cube, shape the liquid and refreeze to have your cone of ice. In simple terms, if you desire a change in an organization, you first break down the existing structures and then build the desired ones.
The first step of unfreezing involves getting the organization to acknowledge the necessity of the change and breaking down their existing values, which include culture, attitudes, procedures and behaviors. This stage of the change management model is the most difficult one. To do this, you have to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that the change is in the right direction. You can do this by comparing figures on sales, financials, customer complaints on dissatisfaction and surveys or by challenging and questioning these values. There is the need for force at this stage because there will be so much opposition especially when people are used to a way of doing things and you come to tell them you have a new way.
Once the organization is able to appreciate the need for change, the change stage begins. This will be gradual though, but with time things will pick up. To accept this change they need to understand how much the change is in their interest.
After people have accepted and are comfortable with the change, the refreeze stage begins. This comes naturally as the organizational chart becomes stable and job descriptions become consistent
7 s Model
Adapted from a Japanese...

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