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Hr Organizations Strategic Essay

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HR Organization’s Strategic
Lucius Harris III
Saint Leo University

Human Resource management has moved from a specific practice approach to a strategic approach.   Focusing on various departments within the organization.   This requires HR to take a broad perspectives, including looking at all factors within the organization.   Deciding the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats within the company.

When analyzing an organization’s HR functions and how they relate to the organization’s strategic initiatives, you must first realize that Top Management, not HR, makes the ultimate decision as to what is or is not strategic.   They judge strategic actions or programs not by the words that describe them but instead by their actual impact on business results, which are always measured in dollars.   With that being said, HR’s main concern is placing the right people in the right position.   By placing the right people in the right position, it prevents high turnover ratios.   Steven P. Berchem wrote that “A company that can get the right people in the right positions at the right time and at the right price has a tremendous advantage over less astute competitors (2010).”   By managing and developing talent, a company is assured of having the right people in the right positions.   Staffing is a process that establishes and governs the flow of people into the organization, within the organization and out of the organization.   This includes planning, recruitment, selection, decision making, job offer and retention systems (Heneman and Judge, 2009 pg. 10).   According to Galbraith, “The idea is that, as the world outside increases in its complexity, you need to increase the complexity of your organization to respond to all of these threats and opportunities.   That leads to the notion that if you can manage complexity better than your competitors, then you start to get an advantage (pg. 15).”  
In order for HR...

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