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Howard Zinn Chapter 6 Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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In Chapter 6, Howard Zinn talks about the role of women throughout the history of the United States. He claimed that women were invisible and overlooked in the society; this being a sign of their submerged status. In addition, he said that women were also being used, exploited, and cherished while also being a servant, sex mate, companion, and the bearer/teacher of a man's children. Unlike the colonies, Native Americans based their clans off of women. In these clans, women had equal rights to what was produced and could also divorce her husband whenever she choose. In the tribes of the Midwest, women had important places in the tribes, such as healers, herbalists, and holy people. However, when the settlers came, the role of women changed drastically. Now, women were imported as sex slaves, child bearers and companions. In addition, it was common for masters to sexually abuse their servant girls.
Even free white women who were the wives of settlers faced special hardships. For example, when the Mayflower arrived, there were eighteen women but by the time spring arrived, only four women remained. However, those who did survive were highly respected because they were so badly needed. As for property, the husband took any of the land. In addition, along with the land, the husband also had the right to take any of his wife's income. Eventually, women began to rise up against the laws that were placed against them. For example, Anne Hutchinson was a religious woman who insisted that she, and other people, could interpret the Bible for themselves. Soon, she was forced to leave Massachusetts to go to Rhode Island. She was not the only women who began to rise up against the men. Many other women began to create rebellions which included the Daughters of Liberty. In the Daughters of Liberty, they boycotted British goods, urging women to only buy American made products.

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