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How Well Does the Uk Parliament Perfromits Functions Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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How well does the UK Parliament perform its functions?
Parliament consists of the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and the monarchy, is the United Kingdom's sole legislative body as well as the seat of the executive, as the Prime Minister and his government sit either in the Commons or Lords. It has parliamentary sovereignty and can repeal or amend any law it chooses, and this law is unsurpassable by anything but law created by the European Union who are the highest court. The Commons is the most powerful level of Parliament; it consists of 650 MPs, elected in single-seat constituencies every five years. The Lords, on the other hand, can only delay legislation it dislikes for a year and debate on policies just like the commons. It consists of around 500 Lords (or life peers) who are unelected, they are either church associated, Life Peers chosen by the government, Law Lords or hereditary peers who have inherited their right to sit in the House (Dukes, viscounts, barons). Parliament has many functions which enable it to carry out its role within modern Britain. One of these is legislation; it makes laws and can also repeal them as it pleases.
It is a key role of the commons to make legislation legitimate. This means granting consent on behalf of the people as the houses of commons are elected, this operates well as all laws are generally respected by the people because they have been legitimised by parliament and been through many stages of analysis to make the law correct and fit the British public well. However a question can be asked of the procedures of passing legislation in parliament as the system is considered ancient, inefficient and ritualised so the process can be long and create laws which the public do not need. On the whole parliament do perform their role of Legislating well as all laws are analysed by the House of Lords and the House of Commons and also some select committee’s making them legitimate and suitable for the British public....

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