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How To Get Baptized Essay

  • Submitted by: Cofhair
  • on March 23, 2012
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How to get baptized
Getting baptized is a religious act that is symbolic of death and resurrection and is a method of becoming a member of a particular Christian Church. It is often done when one is a baby, but maybe done when the person is an adult to profess Christ as one's Savior. It also symbolizes the "washing away of sins".
Speak with your Priest or other Christian minister or believer (for a less formalized baptism). Make arrangements to baptize your baby/child (also called Christening a baby) or yourself (whoever it may be).
Discuss who will be the Godfather and Godmother. Pick two close family members or friends who you think would make great godparents.

Arrange the catering to make a reception-like time of fellowship. Hire a catering company and budget how much you will spend on food. Alternatively, perhaps some of your family or friends would be happy to do it.

Get baptized. When the special day comes, have everyone go to your local church. The Priest or Minister will then pour some water over your baby, or, in the case of a child or adult, have them lie in water or be immersed while the Priest or Minister blesses them "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost".
Extra information:
  * A person freely receives Christ, receives the Holy Spirit and believes -- and will say so -- to become a born again Christian. As a person is baptized, he/she "dies with Christ; is in the Tomb with Christ; and rises with Christ", hence, this shows and symbolizes how you can be born again from "the law of sin and death".
  * Baptism is not required to be born again, but it is by repenting and accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior "by grace through faith, not by works, not of yourself, it is the gift of God" that you are...

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