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How To Eat In Class Essay

  • Submitted by: Batsheva
  • on March 24, 2012
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How to Sneak Food in Class
In my elementary school years, I almost died of starvation! So, I had to come up with an anti-starvation plan so that I should live for many more years to come. This system ensures its users maximum benefit with little or no side effect. Hungry students, in the middle of a class, can take a bite without getting caught and landing in the principal’s office. However, the art of sneaking food in class is not easy; you must take several necessary precautions.
To start, the snack must be hidden well. For a boy, this is simple. He must merely wear something with big enough pockets. Since a girl does not usually wear clothing with large pockets, carrying a tote bag filled with the tasty yet “crucial” foods is a viable option. Obviously smaller foods, such as life savers, peppermints and nibs are easier to sneak and eat in class. You are not restricted to these tiny snacks, if you are brave and careful; my system allows bulky foods, like a bag of chips, as well. Sticky foods are not a good idea, you can always swallow the food and it will be impossible to prove that it was in your mouth, however if it’s visibly on your hands, you are caught red-handed. Avoid crunchy foods like popcorn or crackers, the noise will definitely draw attention to your suspecting teacher. If you insist on eating loud chewy foods like these, you must salivate and crush the food first with your tongue, the sound you will make while chewing will be virtually unnoticeable.
Before the class where you are so hungry that you may pass out in begins, crinkly, noisy plastic wrappers must be opened so that the teacher won’t be alerted as to the nature of your activities. Transfer the food into silent Ziploc bags that can be opened with ease. Quickly, take out the boring textbook that is used in class. For a change, you will enjoy this book. The piece of food must be concealed inconspicuously inside the book. For instance, sour sticks can be used as makeshift book marks,...

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