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How To Drive A Standard Essay

  • Submitted by: Shaffer199
  • on March 23, 2012
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How To Drive A Standard
The first step is you have to start the car, to do this use your left foot and push the clutch all the way onto the floor and then turn the key. Then make sure you know where the gears are all at, as well as neutral. After that, the trick is to find the engagement point of the clutch. What you do is put it in first gear, and do not put your foot on the gas. Just put your right foot on the floor and leave it there. Then very slowly let the clutch out, until the car starts to move. Remember where the clutch was when it started to grab. If you stall the car, you let it out too fast. Do it again and again until you get a feel for it, and remember where it engages. It should be possible with any car to get it moving with the engine just idling, if you let the clutch out smoothly and let it slip a bit right at the engagement point. As you do it more and more, practice letting the clutch out faster, up to just before the engagement point and then slowly let it go through with it. What you are trying to do here is train your foot to let the clutch out almost to the point of engagement on instinct as fast as possible. Keep in mind, the clutch pedal may have 8 inches of travel, and the engagement point is less than an inch of that.
Now that you got your foot trained to let out the clutch properly, you can start the second step, using the gas. You will do what you did before, letting up the clutch to the point it starts to grasp, and then at the same time give the car a little gas while you continue to let out the clutch. The more gas you give it, the faster you can let it out through the grasping point. Repeat, using more throttle each time. You want to get to where the engine rpms rise above idle as you go through the quick part of letting out the clutch, it starts to grab at 2000 rpms or so and then accelerates smoothly. The rpms should not drop as the clutch is let out because you are keeping them up with more gas, and they should not really...

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