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How To Determine What Justification Is? Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "How To Determine What Justification Is?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When the phrase a “just action” comes to mind, we usually draw our understanding of it through our judicial system, religious figures, political leaders, scientific studies, and personal beliefs. The basis of deeming certain actions or behaviors as justified have changed many times during our species existence. For example, during the middle Ages, most of the ideologies at the time were based on religious authorities of the church, and not on empirical reasoning or external evidence. Morality was a stronger influence on determining whether or not something was marked as being justified. However, religion today is not an adequate reference to determine what behaviors or ideas are considered “just action”. In today’s context, a “just action” is a universal rational thought, behavior, or idea that is non bias, knowledgeable, persuasive, explicit, and necessary. Forming this operational definition of a “just action” requires the clear understanding of the terms justification and justify. Also, it requires the discussion explaining why the subject of religion should be excluded for defining a” just action”. Finally, a real life example of a “just action” will be given to prove why this definition is applicable today.

The word justification was first cited in the book Secreta Secretorum approximately between 1450-1480 A.D. Justification roots from the Latin word justifcationem meaning to justify (“justification, n. : Oxford English Dictionary”). The word justify was first cited in the book Cursor Mundi during 1300 A.D. Justify roots from the French word justifier meaning to act justly towards, do justice to, make just, pardon, or vindicate (“justify, v. : Oxford English Dictionary”). It is understood in today’s world that justice and revenge can be very ambiguous in the society we live in today. A “just action” should never involve resentment or anger towards an individual, political party or group because it will lose legitimacy, and rationality. Thus, revengeful...

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