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How Much Is Too Much Essay

  • Submitted by: laureneckert
  • on April 15, 2015
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How Much is Too Much?

Lauren Eckert
Mrs. MacInnis
March 2, 2015

The sport and acting industry is widely considered to be the most profitable career choice. Considering what they do, today's professional athletes and actors are being paid far too much. Having such a large amount of money has a detrimental effect on one's morality and causes financial distress and poverty throughout much of the world. There are people in many countries that do not make enough money to support their families, but these celebrities are making millions. This inequality needs to be leveled out by those who are capable and willing to make a difference.
Fortune is meant to be earned through hard work, not dictated by popularity. In this season alone, the top 10 highest-paid players of the NHL will earn a combined salary of $121 million. Sidney Crosby tops the chart with a salary of $16.5 million this season (www.forbes.com). In the acting world, even more money is distributed. Tom Hanks, for example, makes approximately $35 million per movie (http://www.clipd.com/). In comparison, a soldier in the Canadian army will only make approximately $42,672 in his or her third year of service (www.forums.canadiancontent.net/). Someone who is willing to risk their life doing physically and mentally traumatic work for the sake of his or her country should make more money than an actor or athlete. Consider the movie American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper. This movie is based on the military life of the late Chris Kyle, the most accomplished sniper in American history. Does it not seem wrong that a true soldier was paid only a miniscule fraction of what an actor, pretending to be him, was paid? Rather than being handed money for accomplishing little, it should be more evenly distributed amongst those who deserve it most.

Many actors and athletes are paid such a large quantity of money that they don't know what to do with it. Much of it is spent on big houses, fancy cars, stylish...

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