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How I Feel Mugged Essay

  • Submitted by: Packdaddy32
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: English
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How I feel Mugged
Daniel Pack
Stark State College
January 25th, 2014

How I feel Mugged

The lesson that I have taken from the reading is that a lot of people use certain items on a daily basis. I see these items, or in the case of this reading, the coffee mug being an extension of the body. The individual uses this item everyday and is attached to this item as if it was a fifth extremity. Not only is this a piece of the body, it is a relationship that one gets from the item that is delicately cared for, everything from bathing the mug, holding the mug, caressing the mug, and decorating the mug. For example, a non-abrasive soap could be used that will make the mug smell good. When one holds the mug it is as if the owner would not want to drop it and grabs it by the handle firmly. One caresses it by knowing that when done with the beverage of choice the mug will eventually be put it under the arm in a way that a father would hold a baby.
People decorate their mugs so that they can identify their mug from other people’s and is usually decorated in a way that associates their style of living. Mugs can be decorated in every way from stickers, to a painted name or picture on it, to a theme. When I look at all the things that Mr. Crockett identified in the reading, I as well as most of all the American’s that have a cell phone, would associate and compare their life of the cell phone ownership in the same way.
I compare my life in the same respect as the author of this reading but I would say that I am “phony”.   Since I was a young gentleman, I have had the capability of a phone on me at all times. Before the cell phone it was the pay phone that I would have to use, so I would always needed to keep change on me to be able to make that call home or for help if needed. Now, through technology, I am able to keep the phone in my pocket, in the car, or any place of instant need of use. Now that I have a cell phone it is an extension of my body as well as the...

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