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How Does Hosseini Tell The Story? Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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How does Hosseini tell the story in a chapter of in chapter 3?

In chapter 3 hosseini had told the story not as an autobiography but has referred to influences in his life. Hosseini writes in the voice of the main character (Amir) who is also the narrator, looking back into a retrospect of his life. In chapter 3 amirs dad Baba is a frightening man, Amir wants a sense of closeness with him however is afraid he may become distanced due to the fact that his mother’s death was his fault at birth. Baba is known to be a rich man in Kabul, as he has various businesses, such as orphanages, a restaurant and a carpet exporting business. Baba is a liberal believer in Islam and believes the only sin in Islam is theft and all forms of it. During this chapter Amir listens to a conversation which is being held between his father and Rahim khan, his father has difficulties understanding Amir due to the fact that he doesn’t stand up for himself, even little incidents that occur he allows Hassan to defend him. Baba even states that if he didn’t witness the birth of Amir he would of denied that he was his son. Rahim reassures him that Amir has a mean streak, which allowed Baba to feel a sense of gladness due to the fact that Rahim and Amir had a bond and understanding. The day after Amir gets struck by jealousy and has a go at Hassan, he then states and realizes that he has a mean streak.

Hosseini uses ideology as his own assumptions which are included within the text for example when Amir gives a description of his father he portrays him as a rather tall man “towering pashtun” he uses slight exaggeration as his memory was tainted plus he was a young child of the ages of 5 or 6 during this chapter. Hosseini includes the concept of juxtapose; as he refers to good and bad aspects to create a balance “my father once wrestled a black bear . .. Baba decided to build an orphanage,” although a negative aspect of his father was pointed out which was an act of violence a positive aspect...

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