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How Do Composers Show That Belonging Can Emerge Fr Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Below is an essay on "How Do Composers Show That Belonging Can Emerge Fr" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Composers demonstrate how a sense of belonging arises from connections with people, places and communities through the experiences of their characters in their quest to belong. Composers can show how important it is for people to have a connection to people, places and communities by demonstrating what happens to a person’s sense of belonging when they have no relationship or bond to these things. In Peter’s Skrzynecki’s poems Ancestors, Post Card and St Patrick’s College Skrzynecki illustrates how a connection to people, places and communities is integral to a sense of belonging, and without this, a person can be profoundly effected with feelings of alienation and estrangement. In The Secret River, a historical novel by Kate Grenville, Grenville demonstrates how the early settlers of Australia had trouble belonging to their new home of because of their lack of connection with the Australian landscape, indigenous people and native communities. Into The Wild is a film where the main character Chris McCandless makes an attempt to break away from societies expectations and superficial things like money and power. He does not identify with people or the community around him because he cannot identify with their values. Because of this, he feels like he doesn't belong, and needs to go in search of his identity. In all three of these texts, the composer demonstrates how important a connection to people, places and communities is for a sense of belonging and happiness.

Peter Skrzynecki demonstrates how important a connection with people is to sense of belonging in the poem Ancestors. Peter does not believe he can relate to his ancestors – and this causes him much distress and confusion. He wants to know more about them but they always seem to be out of reach of his understanding. He feels disconnected from his ancestry and heritage. “Who are these shadows that hang over you in a dream – the bearded, faceless men standing shoulder to shoulder?” This imagery implies...

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