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How Cat Came to Earth Essay

  • Submitted by: ali258
  • on April 2, 2014
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Two Indian brothers, in a canoe, had been blown far from shore by a great wind. They had traveled far and were lost. They were very hungry and had little strength left to paddle, so they drifted with the wind.
Finally, their canoe landed onto a beach and they were glad, but not for long. Looking for animal tracks, they saw huge footprints that they knew must be those of a giant. At first they were afraid and hid in the bushes. Then a colossal giant came toward them. He was a large furry man that looked like a rabbit. He told them that he did not hurt people and he was friendly to little people, who seemed to the giant to be so helpless. “Come to my lodge,” said the giant to the Indians, and since they had no food and their weapons had been lost in the storm at sea, they were glad to go with him.
On the way, a bear confronted them. The giant was scared and confused, while the brothers knew what to do. They stood up tall and proud in front of the bear and the bear backed off. The Giant was very thankful of the humans for teaching him how to deal with bears.
At the lodge of the giant, an evil spirit came and told the two men that the giant would eat them soon. The tricky spirit pretended to be a friend, but he was the one who wanted the men because he was the cannibal. The spirit became very angry when the giant would not give him the two men as the Giant said, “No they’re my friends!” Then the Giant called out the name Rex.
A strange animal which the Indians had never seen before lay ran in the house and looked up at them. It looked like a wild beast to them, but the giant called the animal 'Cat.' “Attack the Spirit,” screamed the Giant. The beast sprang to its feet, shook himself, and started to grow, and grow, and grow. It had sharp claws, was very quick, and had a very loud purr sound. The more he shook himself, the more he grew and the fiercer he became. He sprang at the spirit and killed him; then the cat grew smaller and smaller and jumped on its bed...

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