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House On Mango Street Essay

  • Submitted by: tabiko
  • on March 22, 2012
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People judge people. It is human nature, and cannot be helped. People are always going to make assumptions about you based on how you present yourself to them. People often feel as if they are defined by how people see them, so they hold themselves back from expressing who they are in fear that it will be ill-received. If you live your life only to be accepted by others you will never be able to truly accept yourself, and it is that lack of identity that will keep you from going after your dreams. Being able to overcome what people think of you and figure out who you really are, not just who people think you are is all a part of growing up, and what, in the end will define who you end up becoming. In Sandra Cisneros’s, The House on Mango Street, Esperanza is a young girl growing up in a poor neighborhood facing all of these challenges. She has yet to develop a strong sense of self and so she tries to be like other people instead. She fears what other people might think about her so she attempts to hide it in order to fit in with the others. Esperanza doesn’t really know who she is yet and struggles with finding her balance between childhood and adulthood, feeling uncomfortable in the adult world, but foolish in the child world. The experiences that Esperanza has growing up feeling judged and uncertain shape her as she figures out who she is and works to overcome her fears of judgment. Growing up, we often lack a sense of identity and allow other people’s judgments to affect our decisions; in order to be happy we have to learn to accept ourselves and where we came from and to be proud of who we are, not allowing other people’s expectations to determine our lives for us.
Esperanza doesn’t like her name. She doesn’t feel that it suits her and wishes she could be named something more like Maritza or Zeze the X. She wants a name that show the side of her that nobody is able to see, something that shows who she is. Esperanza isn’t quite sure of who she is. She wants a...

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