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House of Spirits Essay

  • Submitted by: cgreenie
  • on March 31, 2014
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In the novel, The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende, the theme of power is exhibited

mainly in reference to genders. One of the unique things about the novel is that it essentially has

five protagonists, four of whom are women. Most of story line focuses on the women’s

experiences, such as the descriptions of each child being born as well as the abortion. These

women push back against the stereotypical role of women in Chilean society, which ultimately

shows the power they possess throughout the novel. For example, Clara sticks up for herself and

refuses to speak to her husband which drives him crazy and eventually shifts the power to Clara’s

side. Also, she lives a very independent life in the “house on the corner”, and she has people over

without Estetban’s approval. But one of the important things to realize is that each generation of

the Trueba women are stronger than the other. Clara is self-reliable while Blanca is self-

sacrificing. She is a very active character, especially in her choices. After Clara dies, Blanca

stays with the family in the big house and tries to lift all of their spirits up. At that moment in

particular, she becomes the provider and carer for the family, much like men are accustomed and

expected to do. So while the women may not seem to crave power, through their actions, they

become very powerful through the course of the novel.

However, not all power is shown through gender roles, especially in women. In fact,

love relates to power as well. In the novel, love destroys power. Esteban Trueba is passionately

in love with his fiancee, Clara. His love for her is almost like an obsession. Esteban also loves

his family, but loses control over them by trying to protect them from outside forces. By the end

of the novel, he has no control whatsoever of his family and becomes aware that he is lonely and

lifeless without them. So in that sense love destroys power...

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