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Hostile Mint Case Study

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Hostile Mint

Case Study #2 – Workshop #3

Hostile Mint

1. The Denver Mint has issues with senior management not providing a clear understanding that they took the allegations seriously and would investigate to resolve the issue.   Staff did not have any clear communication that action was taken to prevent this situation from reoccurring in the future.   Retaliation was a recurring issue and this needed to be addressed and resolved.   The Denver Mint did not have clearly defined policies and procedures instituted and supported.   The main issues were no clearly defined policies, no enforcement of policies and procedures without retaliation and lack of training,
2. A zero-tolerance policy is acceptable for combating sexual harassment issues.   All employees have a clear understanding of expectations and what is available to them should there be an unexpected situation occur.   Communication of a zero-tolerance policy leads to support from everyone including management.   The message of zero-tolerance should be clearly defined as coming from all levels of management and proven with support from all levels.   Interactive coaching and training would assist to clearly define what is “zero-tolerance” and how it is to be implemented and maintained.
3. There needs to be a clearly defined training program for all employees and ensure that this is specifically included as part of new orientation practices.   The training should be delivered minimally on an annual basis and include understanding around specific topics with examples.   A brief testing factor should be recorded as a part of the permanent employee records to verify training was delivered in a timely and efficient manner.   The training should result in increased knowledge, building on current skill-sets and providing empowerment to all employees with an understanding of open communication.   Employees need to have the “faith” that they can bring their concerns to HR with an open door policy without fear of...

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