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Horses Poem Anslisis Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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In the poem "The Horses", the speaker descrives the horses as he sees them as anaadult ans compaeres his feelings with the ones he fet as a child. He achieves this by using figues of speech, imagery and a variety of adjetives to descrive the horses and his feelings towards them and the setting.
In the first 2 lines of the first stanza, the poet describes ordinary horses that are working the land. But in the following lines he’s talks about the hosres as terrifying for him. He seemed afraid of them and he says that they are foreign to his normal life in the words “wild” and “strange”.
In the second stanza he mentions about his childhood memories with the phrase “Perhaps some childish hour has come again”. Then he continues to express the terror the horses inspired in him with the words “watched fearful”. Later the author describes the horses running in the distance tha they looked like mechanic pistons, he achieved this by comparing it with the phrase “their hooves like pistons” and also in “move up and down, yet seem as standing still".
In the third stanza the poet makes reference to the horses working the land again and again, every day wa the same thing and become usual for him. He did this by using the word “ritual”. The But he also describes them as “monstrous”, taking two aspects, the beautifulness of them and also hoy enormous the seemed to him as a child.
The fourth stanza has a very meaningful phrase, “they marched broad-breasted to the sinking sun!” this phrase has many meanings, for example, by using alliteration in the word ”broad-breasted” he expressed the beauty of the horses. This particular word can also express the power and pride of the horses. Also by marching to the sun means that they are creatures of light. This means that thay are pure animals and it is making reference to God-like creatures.
The next stanza starts with ”but”. This means that the point of view of the horses changes into something different again. He now makes...

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