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Homophobia Essay

  • Submitted by: peco
  • on March 23, 2012
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A homosexuality movement of the present age of Japan was very small recent years. This is why; since Japanese homosexual don’t hold hands, hug, and kiss in public people have few opportunities to see the homosexual. Therefore, there are few people who have the homosexual’s exact image and almost people are prejudiced against homosexual. There are two causes to make the image which inclined the about homosexuality. One is made by the public. Before several years a dictionary, an encyclopedia, and a present age term encyclopedia were explained about homosexuality such as “abnormal sexuality” and “sexual preservation”. Thus many people still come to their mind that homosexuality is “abnormality”,   “preservation”, and   “degeneracy”.   Also there is a reality in which a homosexual’s image has distorted by mass media. The mass media thinks that it is only a sexual existence about the homosexual. And since they want to raise the viewer rate of television, they only show the subject more sexual than their dairy life. Therefore, people changed their attitude against the homosexual. However, before modernization, homosexuality wasn’t a taboo in Japan. The reason is that in Japan first half of the Edo period, since the physical affair was naturally performed. Also there were 11 jag houses and male homosexuality magazine a lot because people didn’t have a concept of the homosexual and it was invented 100 years later. Therefore, compared with the present age, old period was more generous to the homosexuality. However, people changed their mind of homosexuality again in the present day. It is because the gay people are often on television recent years and their childhood term is showed how much they have hard experienced till today since they noticed they are homosexual. When the viewers see their hard experience they develop a feeling of compassion and they want to support them. Moreover, there are many comic books, anime, and novel which tell the story about...

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