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Homework Essay

  • Submitted by: sero731
  • on April 2, 2014
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4th Amendment and Mapp V. Ohio
Seyran Zakaryan
Intro to the Criminal Courts

Professor:  Amy Griner


Police officers went to Ms. Mapp’s door showing off a piece a paper stating that it was a search warrant which in fact it wasn’t. Even though it was a not a search warrant and Ms. Mapp didn’t let them come they still came inside and started searching her house. They ended up finding magazines which they charged her for obscene materials. The important thing is that the officers had no right to get inside of her house and search it and they used their power as officers to get what they wanted just because Ms. Mapp didn’t let the officers come inside her house in the begging without a search warrant. In front of the court Mapp said that the officers lied to her saying that they had search warrant and when Ms. Mapp took the paper to look at it she realized that it was nothing but a piece of paper and not a search warrant. So the fact of the matter is that the officers went inside of her house illegally.   The court ended up deciding that they won’t use the evidence found in her house against her because the exclusionary rule states that any evidence that is found illegally cannot be used in court. After her case was done they made it that the exclusionary rule would be valid in every other state also. The ruling affected the whole country after this case. I think that the way that this ended was really good because even though that Ms. Mapp did have those magazines the officers still had no right to go inside of her house and look for them. They knew that she had something hiding so they did everything in their power just to prove that. Officers sometimes tend to use the power on people just because they now that the people won’t do anything to stop them. In today’s climate I still think that they should not change the ruling because it gives people privacy in their own homes. The only way that I could see around this ruling would be if the officers...

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