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Homer or Homerette? Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Louis Piotti
Homer or Homerette?
The Odyssey, an epic poem written by an anonymous author named Homer. Homer, though believed by most to be a man, through his piece The Odyssey leaves the reader with clues and supports that he just might not be a man at all. The epic novel’s author: deepens male emotions; is overflowing with incredible, beautiful imagery; accentuates the strength of women; emphasizes men’s fear of women; and draws attention to the intelligence of women.
In the novel, many of the men go through extreme emotional states. As the story begins the reader sees how Telemachus is not just torn due to his mother being harassed by suitors, but always because of his longing for his father. While reading, one can see the deep emotions perfectly depicted by Homer, making the reader truly feel sympathetic for this innocent son. These descriptions of emotions are so deep that it seems that a man, who is less inclined to express his emotions in such an elaborate way, would be unable to write such words. As the novel goes on, its setting changes dramatically from chapter to chapter, whether it be flashbacks or traveling. As each new location is revealed and construed, the way Homer writes and the words Homer uses, actually takes you to that place. As most men lack to pay attention to detail, this aspect of her writing reiterates that Homer must have been a woman. Homer again shows her feministic views when she writes about how strong the women in the novel are. When Athena is introduced, the reader is told she is a god who controls war, a very uncommon subject that women of that time were involved in. Homer portrays her with great strength and abilities to help the troubled protagonists. Most men of that era did not believe women were strong, especially compared to men, this position Homer takes on physical strength in women is crucial when interpreting his/her gender. When the story reaches chapter ten, we begins to see how Homer underscores the fear men have...

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