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Homeostatis Essay

  • Submitted by: gurung
  • on March 23, 2012
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P5 and D2) Explain the concept of homeostasis and evaluate the importance of homeostasis in maintain the healthy functioning of the body.
The main concept of homeostasis is the "struggle" to maintain an even environment (HOMEO=same, STASIS=condition). Homeostasis occurs to some extent in all living organisms. All organisms need some control on their internal environmental conditions in order to ensure that they will be able to survive. One way to think about homeostasis is to imagine a set of scales. If coins are poured into one side of the scale, the scales slip out of balance. If weights are piled onto the other side, the scales will eventually balance. If too many weights are added, the scales will become unbalanced again. The body is like a set of scales, working constantly to achieve a state of balance. A good example is maintaining body temperature. Your normal temperature is 37 degree Celsius, so, your body automatically makes adjustments to try to maintain that temperature. Shivering and moving circulations out of the skin are the ways of raising the body's temperature. Sweating are ways the body tries to cool itself. One process in homeostasis is known as negative feedback. Negative feedback reflects the body's need to return to a normal state, signalling that a problem is occurring and regulating the resulting processes to ensure that the body reaches homeostasis. Blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, hormone levels, and enzyme levels are all homeostatic processes in the human body, and problems with any of these processes can indicate the presence of a basic medical condition.
            People are generally healthier when their bodies are in a state of homeostasis, and their bodies send numerous messages to promote homeostasis. For example, when low blood sugar appears to be developing, people tend to feel hungry, because their brains tell them to eat. Heart rate increases due to tension and pressure, adrenaline is secreted which increases the...

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