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Homeostasis Essay

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Homeostasis is one of the characteristics of life. The standard and benchmark that applies to this characteristic is benchmark SC.BS.4.4, which is to describe how homeostatic balance occurs in cells and organisms. Homeostasis is the ability for an organism or cell to maintain a constant internal balance in response to outside changes. In other words, homeostasis makes sure that the environment inside a living thing stays balanced no matter what the conditions are in the environment outside. All living things have mechanisms that allow them to keep stable internal conditions. Without these mechanisms, organisms can die. Organisms have many ways it can regulate, or control itself. Some examples include temperature, blood sugar, and osmoregulation.
Animals show two strategies for maintaining their body temperatures: endothermy and ectothermy. Birds and mammals are called endotherms because they make their own heat and keep a constant body temperature. All other animals, such as fishes, amphibians, and reptiles are called ectotherms because they get heat from the external environment. The difference between the two is endothermy requires more energy; therefore endotherms have to eat more food than ectotherms. Endothermy also lets animals live in many different habitats to help intense activity for longer periods of time. Ectotherms on the other hand rely on behavioral adaptations, like lying in the sun when it’s cold, moving into the shade when it’s hot, or huddling close to others. In humans, body temperature is controlled by thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the way your body keeps its temperature steady from 35.5-37°C or 96-99°F, no matter how hot or cold the weather is. This happens because the hypothalamus in your brain acts as a thermostat. When your body temperature begins to rise or fall, nerves and hormones, called a feedback system, sends a signal to the hypothalamus. Most feedback is negative, which means the change is bad news and needs to be...

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