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Homefront Essay

  • Submitted by: mckenzielee11
  • on April 2, 2014
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Throughout World War II, African Americans had numerous reasons to be angry and resistive as America entered the war. Several were originally unwilling to support the war because they could not overlook the unfulfilled promises made by World War I. African Americans were dealing with things such as segregation and discrimination, which were the main ones. Although African Americans were                   dealing with things such as these they were able to obtain a better life during the WWII.
The growth of industrialization allowed many African-Americans to vigorously help their country in a number of ways. Higher wages and additional incentives empowered African-Americans to move to the Northeast and the West where war industry jobs were most abundant. During the 1940s, over one million African Americans left their households in rural areas in the South and the Midwest, looking for freedom and fortune in other cities. There was fairer treatment towards the African Americans; they were primarily allowed to enlist into the marines. One of the main changes that occurred was due to the GI Bill, the laws that were enacted to provide aid for the returning veterans, and try to avoid the depression that happened after WWI. This was one of the first color blind bills. This permitted many veterans to attend school, including African Americans.
On December 7th, 1941, Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor unexpectedly and killed thousands of people. President Roosevelt was surprised and was ultimately persuaded that Japanese Americans living in the states stood as a significant threat to Americans.
WWII provided many different outcomes, but ultimately provided more to African Americans rather than the Japanese. For instance, Africans moved closer to becoming more integrated, as the Japanese moved farther away from it. Both affected the lasting growth of each group, radically altering lives throughout.

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