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Homage To My Hips Essay

  • Submitted by: rolen
  • on March 24, 2012
  • Category: English
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Robert Olen
Mr. Pagel
ENGL 1010
February 11, 2012
"homage to my hips"
    Lucille Clifton was a woman of great pride in herself as well as her heritage. The poem "homage to my hips" was not the first poem that she wrote honoring certain assets that involved her physical appearance. Mrs. Clifton also wrote the poems "Homage of Mine", and "homage to my hair." The poems were written in the sixties, but not published until later after a public reading in New York, where Random House ask Lucille to submit a manuscript of some of her works. There are plenty of examples in the poem that portrays the struggles of the time for women, not to mention her struggling nationality that has been fighting for equal rights for over a century. Lucille Clifton illustrated, through word in the poem, many distinctions of diction or imagery.
    Evaluating the poem "homage to my hip", it clear that the speaker in the poem is probably referring to herself, struggles she has encountered, and an attitude that is full of pride. In lines one through three it is apparent that the author has extreme confidence within herself, it states, "These hips are big hips", leading the reader to speculate the pride this person has in them. The following two lines, "They need space to (line 2) Move around in (line 3)" definitely shows that the woman swishes those hips from left to right bring attention to hips that have already been noticed due to the their size. There is also the image of this woman who has bared children and being a strong mother in control of her immediate environment.
    The speaker in this poem produces her nationality in lines five through ten. At the end of line five and including line six, the idea of the woman herself being a black woman is explained as "these hips are free hips" (portraying slavery). The fact of the sixties being a time for equal right especially towards the African Americans, the poem is an examples of the outspoken movement within our country by line...

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