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Hnd 1, Business Communication Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Hnd 1 business communication1

The means of communication
Gadgets:  facsimiles, radio,handsets,computers using emails and other smart devices,

Intra personal,. interpersonal and Group communication

intrapersonmal communication: this involves an individual forming an idea in his mind, sentences and words are selected to express the message,in the process audible words may be formed. Good communication with others starts from intra-personal communication.

Inter-  personal  communication: this involves two people, this may be face- face through letter writing or telephone conversation, it is an effective form of communication because feedback is immediate and this is good for business and social interaction.

Group communication: this is for the members of an organization, groups can be found in our homes, offices, work environment,markets, churches,.
Group communication takes them form of meetings,conferences,symposia,workshops,and lectures. Group communication needs careful study of the audience. The extended type of group communication is international communication and this involves people across natural frontiers, Eowas,OAU,UNO, these organizations have people from different cultural and language differences hence international communication involve special skills and strategies.
Another aspect of group communication is the mass communication, it is communication with a mass audience and usually by the means of radio, television,newspaper, magazine,, it is important to identify the audience and find out what will be appropriate for them.

                              Effective public speaking
Public speaking is conveyed by spoken words which must be understood by the audience. The speaker must adapt his speech to the personal needs and interests of the audience therefore a variety of sentence types must be incorporated into his speech- sentence types like declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.
Since the oral communication...

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