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Hitler On Women Essay

  • Submitted by: yousefarmany
  • on March 23, 2012
  • Category: History
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Joseph Armanious USSO 101

                                                  March 14, 2012

Nazi Germany had its toll on all aspects of German society including the role of a woman, not only for her family but also for the higher goals of the Nazi state and the Aryan race. During the Weimer Republic there many organizations advocating women’s rights and equality with men, so when the Nazi’s came to power they didn’t want to lose the strong domestic ally of women. They crushed these organizations, which was formed by Socialist Democrats, Jews, and Communist, and merged them all into the National Socialist Women’s Organization. Thus began Hitler’s pursuit on woman influence.

Hitler makes it quite obvious in his speech to the Organization that the primary responsibility is to be a mother. His style of speech does not sound condescending although it is if one were to listen carefully. He says that some might say that a man’s world is the state, struggle, and readiness to sacrifice on behalf of his country and woman’s world is SMALLER. “A woman’s world is her husband, family, children, and home.” It is impossible for the larger world to exist without the smaller world. The larger world is founded on the smaller world and without it, it wouldn’t exist. His choice of words makes it obvious on how Hitler gained so much popularity with his people. He spoke to them in such a way that even if he was saying they are lesser than others, they are great in the eyes of the nation.

It’s quite interesting that he says that although these worlds complete each other, they should never conflict and it is “inappropriate” when a woman forces her way into a world which is not hers nor does she belong. Both of these worlds, as Hitler describes, are characterizations of strength but different kinds of strength. One is the strength of the “soul and feelings” as the other is of vision, toughness, determination, and willingness to act. Men make the struggle of his...

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