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History Research Essay

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  • on April 3, 2014
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The Effectiveness of the New Deal and Its Impact on America

      During the Great Depression, after the era of the "Roaring Twenties", America had plummeted into one of the hardest economical times in the country's history. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had attempted to help the country and the American people. His famous "New Deal" had intended to help the American economy and the American people during the Great Depression. The Deal, far from perfect, presented a new kind of authority to the American government through reforms and legislations, while strengthening it's relationship with the American people, a model created by the Deal, which is still present in society today.
      The Deal focused on changes to American labor and lifestyle. These changes were put into action through government regulations and reforms. As shown in Document C, the second New Deal was filled with multiple administrations. However, divisions in society and politics had delayed the progress of the Deal and therefore handicapped the efficiency of the radical reforms. Unemployment was a largely targeted issue during the Depression. Roosevelt helped unemployment rates by creating several different programs to put the unemployed back into business. Roosevelt and his administration had invested a lot to time and money towards public works projects, as explained in Document D. Action towards the issue of unemployment began with the establishment of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. The Administration had developed a limit on production, which had ultimately created a relationship between farmers and the government. The adjustment was intended to stop farmers from over-producing their crops, therefore lowering inflation. Following the Agricultural reforms came the Industrial reforms. Roosevelt and his administration introduced the National Recovery Administration (NRA). The purpose of the Administration was to declare rules for employers to follow for the treatment of their...

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