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History On Texting Essay

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It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words

Texting has changed the world in may ways such as making it easier and fast to communicate with one another and also not needing to mail letters anymore.
First lets take a quick look at the history of texting. The first text message was sent in 1992 saying “Marry Christmas” from Neil Papworth's computer to Richard Javis's mobile phone. One year later, in 1993, Nokia made the first mobile phone that allowed consumers to send text messages to each other. In 1995 T9 was invented shortly after that in 1997 the first full keyboard was invented. 1999 was a important year for texting because this was the first time you could sent text messages between different operators. In 2007 Americans for the first time in history send/received more text messages per month than phone calls at 218 per month, compared to 213 phone calls. The first 911 center to support text messages was lunched in Iowa in 2009. Two years later in 2011 the average American sent 357 test messages per month, this year LOL (laugh out loud) was added to the Oxford Dictionary.
Texting changed communication by people not needing to write letters or emails and wait for the other person to get back to you. By being able to send text messages they were sent directly to the person and this would make it much easier and faster for the other person to reply. Some pros are that it's easier and faster to use, easier to get a hold of people, and easier to stay in touch with people on the other hand some cons are that sexting, makes it easier to manipulate and talk people down, and also is dangerous while driving.
I don't think texting is a formal way to communicate. Especially teenagers developed their own slang words and language while text messaging. It is a fast and good way to communicate but there are so many other words that make it not formal anymore. When I think formal I think email or writing a letter but not text messaging.
Words are powerful in...

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