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History of Healthcare Essay

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History of Health Care
July 28, 2015
Kizzy Doster

Remember the scenes from “Little House on the Prairie” and “DR Quinn Medicine Women”. Where there was one doctor that cared for all the frontier’s needs.   When people bartered chickens and cows for health care services and medicine. Often times the practitioner had little to no formal education on illnesses and procedures. We have advance a long way from that era and so has the cost for health care and how it is funded. We no longer rely on one individual for all our health care needs but a team of well educated professionals that provide with quality care and that support ethics and standards set forth by the government.   As health care economics has blossomed many waves have been made to ensure adequate healthcare is provided for Americans.
In 1915 the first model bill for health insurance was introduces. It provided coverage for the working and others that earned less than $1200 a year. It included doctors, nurses and hospitals. It also covered sick pay and maternity benefits. It carried a death benefit of $50.00 to pay for funeral expenses. The premiums was shared between workers, employers and the state.  
To continue to meet the demand for health care funding during the 1930’s Baylor Hospital in Dallas, TX started a prepaid hospital insurance program with the teachers union. This was the first example of modern health insurance. And it has grown to what we now know and use as Blue Cross Blue Shield.  
In 1944 President Roosevelt outlines an economic bill of rights that included the right to adequate medical care and good health. During World War II employers began to offer programs much like todays. This due to the supply and demand for workers, health care benefits was an offered incentive to work for a particular company.   In 1945 President Truman plan to advance health care was shot down by the AMA deeming it “social medicine.” The Hill Burton Act funded building more hospital to fill...

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