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History of America Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Below is an essay on "History of America" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hi all, here's the study guide for the test next wednesday.



You will have four of the following six “compare and contrast对比prompts提示” in class on your test day. You will choose the two you feel most comfortable with to answer. I expect your answer to be at least one paragraph long, and in your answer you should present a working knowledge应用知识 of the significance of each event/person/theme as well as compare/contrast them. Think outside the box and tell me why I put these two together, not just what each is.

--Jamestown vs. Plymouth
Jamestown was founded by the Virginia company, and only male merchants came to Jamestown. The prime movers of these were wealth . But the plymouth was founded by the pious protestants who were threatened by the James 1. They just come to America to make a living.

--Sixteenth-Century Euro-Native Contact vs. Seventeenth-Century Euro-Native Contact
From 1539 to 1542, Hernan de Soto and an army of 600 Spaniards roamed through the states

--Anasazi decline vs. Yamasee decline
The Yamasee then migrated south to the area around St. Augustine and Pensacola, where they allied with the Spanish against the British. In 1727, the British attacked the tribe's settlement and slaughtered most of them. Some survivors joined the Seminole tribe and some joined the Hitchiti people and disappeared from the historical record.
The Anasazi decline is because of the soil exhaustion and extended droughts disrupted maize production. The destruction of the nature and the poor technology of the agricultural leads to their decline. But the Yamasee decline is because of the slaughter of the European. In 1727, the British attacked the settlement and kill most of them. Then they disappeared from the historical record.

--Native American opinion of Europeans vs. European opinion of Native Americans
First the Native Americans think the Europeans are just for trading. And they...

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