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History Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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“Assess the view that the collapse of the Weimar Republic was primarily due to the appeal of Hitler and his Nazi party”
The Weimar Republic government was riddled with weakness and incompetence in a variety of crucial social, economic and political areas. This caused the influence of the Nazi Party, which through its charismatic and nationalistic leader, Adolf Hitler, it gained a large amount of support. However it was due to the Weimar Republic’s own failings that the Nazi Party became appealing and as a result the Weimar Republic was brought to its inevitable demise in 1933 with Hitler ready to take the reigns.

When the Treaty of the Versailles was signed in 1919, the government was making a very unpopular decision amongst the citizens, as it a result lead to the downfall of the Weimar Republic. The Treaty caused humiliation and shock amongst the citizens of the country, much of the political backlash was due to the fact that the Allies were dictating to Germany the harsh terms of the war reparations, which was seen as absurd by many citizens as they did not feel as if they were responsible for starting the war nor did they feel as though they had lost. As Germany had to pay reparations, they were told to issue a blank cheque which allies would cash when it suited them; the figure that was demanded was well beyond Germany’s ability to pay. This left immeasurable restrictions on the Weimar Republic in its quest to rebuild the economy from the ground up, as after the first world war it virtually left the nation in a state of bankruptcy. It can be said that because of Weimar’s obvious economic problems and the publics unfavourable view of the government that even from the very beginning of the republic, it seemed like it was going to come to an inevitable collapse, which at this stage the Nazi Party were merely just on the scene.

The Weimar Republic faced problems that outlined the structure of the Reichstag, being that there was no real clear line in terms...

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