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Historical Report on Race

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  • on April 14, 2015
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Historical Report on Race
Reginald Smith
Barbara Romero

Historical Report on Race
      The African-American race has had a long-standing plight in regards to the fight for racial equality. Of course, many other races have experienced similar difficulties in making their case for fairness among the races, and the end to discrimination and/or persecution at the behest of those who would seek to perpetuate the essence of racial inequality. African-Americans as it stands have had an increasingly difficult time bringing the other races to recognize them in an equal light, and it seems more bias the nation becomes concerning those less capable of defending themselves against this nature, the stronger the ever-increasing threat of total racial rejection becomes.
Chapter 1
      Over the course of US history, there is been a strong presence of racial discrimination directed toward minority races, and this is especially so for African-Americans who find it difficult to bypass the negative attitudes of our civilization that exerts a tremendous amount of pressure against them. This pressure all too often has the effect of automatically disqualify any person of color from social advancement in the eyes of those who maintain the majority of the power in this country. Many of which who would readily accept the negative perspectives given to them. These views were used systematically to inhibit social and economic progress in the African-American community. Such progressions in society would bring about the vast social developments that could give the African-American culture a much-needed boost in their cultural standing, while at the same time reducing the negative perception brought on by prejudicial stereotypes
      Throughout US history African-Americans have had some very difficult times striving for racial equality.
      The upsetting history of African-American treatment in the US stems back to the 1790s where some of the first African people...

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