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Hist8 Response Essay

  • Submitted by: erock510
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: History
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You bring up some good points in your discussion post. One in particular is how everyone acts like teenagers when a right is taken away from them. In high school you’re supposed to respect one another and not fight each other, but there are still fights. You’re not supposed to do drugs but plenty of people still do. I believe the alcohol industry got too big for an amendment to take it down. When they banned alcohol, thousands lost their lives, lost their jobs, and the economy which they predicted would go up actually didn’t go anywhere. Sometimes I imagine, what if alcohol was never introduced, what if it was deemed evil before anyone had a chance to sip alcohol.
I also agree with you that most laws have the best intentions, but it can never satisfy everyone. There are laws that I’m for and laws I’m against. I am not for banning alcohol completely because it does have its upsides. There are still responsible people out there who deserve a drink or two for special occasions. What I am for is laws against drunk driving and being drunk in public.
I am not exactly sure what your main point was on gay marriage. But I believe it is a very complicated argument. It’s hard to argue with human rights versus people’s beliefs. There will be angry people whether gay marriage is legalized or not. I do agree that if people were more compassionate more things will get done.

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