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Hip Hop Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: juicybell1
  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Hip Hop Culture" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hip-Hop culture is a lifestyle for millions, a view of social and political insight, and a movement of historical changes from ancestors and now from modern voices. The true meaning of Hip- Hop culture cannot truly be understood only from what is seen through the eye looking at the outside picture. Incompletely understanding the true concept of Hip-Hop can mislead the ideas, or messages trying to get across. Lyrical poetry provides visions of personal stories, history, emotions, economic opinions and political protest. However, the intense sound waves of emotions mixed with un-filtered truth is thought to be offensive and unacceptable to politicians. What politicians fail to realize is Hip-Hop is not just a category of music with vulgar language, it is a lifestyle.
    The Hip-Hop expression, better known as “rap” has been the art of expression talented lyricist have turned into a phenomenon. This phenomenon has given the opportunity to express opinions and facts about historical, personal and even political issues. Although lyrical expression has changed courses of history, it has been pointed out by politicians as "objectionable". Violence, aggression, and racial topics have created a blurred wall in front of the true meaning people of Hip-Hop culture intend to have acknowledged. Many people take offense to the raw and “objectionable” statements or ideas Hip-Hop has provided. Graphic language and overwhelming lyrics of violence create arguments that such vulgar intensity is unacceptable for radio or TV, and may not provide well as learning tool for younger generations. Music is the most recognized form of Hip Hop. Yet, there is so much more.
    In an Article named “Defining Hip Hop it states “Hip Hop is the constantly evolving spirit and consciousness of urban youth that keeps recreating itself in a never-ending cycle.  
That very spirit is what breathes life into a simple idea and transforms it into a living cultural movement” (“Defining Hip Hop Culture”)....

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