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Hills Like White Elepahtns Essay

  • Submitted by: criveracruz
  • on March 22, 2012
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It’s been seen quite often in society how a person manipulates or tries to dominate their spouse or partner. Often, they use power and domination to show that they are important and can influence the world. In this amazing story from Ernest Hemingway a great example of manipulation can be experienced while interpreting the story, which reflects the power of men over women. The plot and characterization prove this claim.   In this story, we can see this clearly while a young girl’s boyfriend dominates their relationship, causing her to lack independence.
In “Hills like White Elephants,” “the American” dominates the relationship by continually telling Jig what is right for her.   My first impression in this story was that the man obviously had more “authority” and “power” than the girl, and clearly shows how he dominated the girl.   “Let’s drink beer”, “dos cervezas”(204) “the American said into the curtain”(204), after reading this I could observe that he had more influence over the girl, by not letting her make her own decision as of what to drink.   He continues to make decisions for her throughout the whole time they were sitting by the station.
The main sign of domination in this story is when he, the American, proposes of offers something to the girl that she is clearly against. “It’s really an awfully simple operation, Jig” (205), he said, “It’s not really an operation at all” (205).   After remaining Jig remains quiet, he insists, “I know you wouldn’t mind it, Jig, it’s really nothing. It’s just to let the air in” (205). She obviously cannot believe the words that he is saying; perhaps this is the reason why he remained quiet. “We will be fine afterwards” (205), trying to convince the girl that after having this abortion everything will remain “perfect”.   She was confused and felt she had no right into deciding whether she should do this operation or not. When she asks him if he wants her to, he responds: “I think it’s the best thing to do” (206)....

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