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High Intensity Essay

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Question 5: Does HITT (high intensity interval training) exercise produce greater health benefits when compared to traditional exercise?
Exercise is one where a person exerts mental and physical strength to produce aerobic activity and is clinically proven to prevent health problems that are associated with numerous long-lasting illnesses and diseases (Gibala et al, 2012). There are two main categories of exercises: High Intensity Interval Training or Traditional exercises which are both discussed in this review.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) or high intensity intermittent exercise is a form of physical exercise where a person is performing intermittent bursts of vigorous activity that exceeds anaerobic threshold for a couple of minutes combined with rest periods of inactivity or low intensity exercises (Nybo et al, 2010) such as walking which is repeated several times. This is done because it is said to increase aerobic capacity therefore having more oxygen intake as well as the prevention of hypertension and improving cardiovascular diseases and consequently improving quality of life in patients with heart failure or coronary artery disease (Guiraud et al, 2012, p 599).
In HIIT, a person is able to maintain physical exercise through bursts of vigorous activity for longer periods than during continuous or traditional exercises and it is more commonly done through high intensity cycling or running (Gibala & McGee, 2008).
Traditional exercises or continuous exercises on the other hand, sees a person performing physical activity for a prolonged period of time without rest periods in order to build up their endurance, working muscles and improve cardiovascular strength and increase oxygen intake (Laursen, 2010) leading to a healthier brain with less depression and anxiety symptoms.

When a person exercises, different biological effects takes place in the body such as respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular/ skeletal systems. By exercising,...

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