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Herbeyderbey Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The   D.S.V. Alvin
                                                          The D.S.V. (deep sea vessel) Alvin   is a small four man submarine that is capable of reaching depths of 4500 meters, or 15,000 feet in the ocean. The submarine has taken 12,000 people on over 4,000 dives to observe the life forms that must cope with super-pressures, and are able to move about in total darkness. The Alvin has two robotic arms that can move and carry or lift things. Alvin   was a replacement for other less maneuverable oceanographic vehicles, like the Bathyscaphes. General Mills Inc. built The-   Alvin   for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, in Massachusetts. They did it in one of General Mills cereal making machines factories. The Alvin was usually used to study the deep sea, but on July 15, 1967, it was used to recover a hydrogen bomb. The bomb was lost in the U.S. Air Force mid-air accident. It was recovered (by the Alvin) at about 3,000 feet deep. On the way down, though, it was attacked by a swordfish.   It made an emergency surface and removed it.                                                                                                                                          

References from www.wikipedia.com and www.orn.navy.mil/focus/ocean/vessels/subresibles  
William Bourne (1535-1582)
        William Bourne was an English Mathematician in the fifteen hundreds. He was a gunner in the old “Royal Navy”, and was famous for his early designs of submarines. He also was the author of many important navigation manuals, and design books for other water crafts. His design was detailed in his book, “Inventions and Devices”, published in 1578. It was the first recorded plan for an underwater navigation vehicle. Bourne describes a wooden framed ship covered with water proof leather, but it was more of a general idea then a design.                    

References from www.wikipedia.com and www.submarine-history.com

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  • Submitted by: MyPaperNow
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 306 words
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