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Henry Iv Production Essay

  • Submitted by: emmachambers100
  • on April 18, 2015
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On Thursday the 13th of November, we went to watch a production of Henry IV at the Marlowe Theatre. The actor that personally stuck out to me the most was Jasper Britton, who played the part of Henry IV.
The scene where I found his skills to be most apparent was Act I, Scene III. In this scene the actor showed his anger through the way he spoke the lines; his voice shook on certain lines, and also cracked at points, showing the intensity of his emotion. After several lines the actor would pause for a short enough time that audience didn’t lose interest in any way, but for long enough that tension was created amongst the characters on stage. Jasper Britton also changed the speed and volume of his speech in this scene, the louder and faster his speaking the more discontent his character was. The way in which the character interacted with the other characters demonstrated how the actor was trying to show status, and how Henry IV had authority over all of the other characters present on stage. Henry IV’s throne was on a raised platform so that even when sitting the actor would still be above the other actors on stage at the time. The actor himself showed his authority by circling around the characters kneeling on the floor when he spoke to them, like a vulture would circle its prey. This gave the impression that he was in no way afraid of them and demonstrated to the audience that Henry IV knew he was in control. Jasper Britton’s posture was also one of confidence, standing straight and tall with his head held high to show this again. He walked in a sort of slow stroll across the stage, looking straight ahead. This showed his comfort in his surroundings and let the audience know that Henry IV was a strong character that knew he was socially superior to the other characters onstage. In this scene Jasper Britton’s expression also played a part in exhibiting the character’s emotion. His eyebrows were furrowed in almost permanent dissatisfaction, his eyes switching...

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