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Heminway Killers Essay

  • Submitted by: killertofu
  • on April 17, 2015
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Ernest Killers
Much like gossip, as a story is told from one person to another, it tends to change along the way. Parts of the story may be taken out or added on to it. In film, there is a tendency to make a film out of a novel or short story. Novels usually are long and detailed, and it is hard to capture every little detail in to film. Short stories tend to be not as detailed as novels, and usually will have additional information that tie in with the shorty story for a film. In 1927, Ernest Hemingway wrote a short story called, “The Killers”. Nineteen years later, in 1946, a film was made by the same name depicting the same story. However, the two differ in one major way; the film expands greatly on the original plot by Hemingway.
The short story begins with two gangsters by the name of Al and Max walking in to a place called Henry’s lunch room.   In there, two workers by the name of Nick and George are talking behind the counter while the cook is in the kitchen. The gangsters begin being verbally aggressive with the workers. They eventually tell them that they are looking for a Swede ex-boxer by the name of Ole Anderson who usually comes here for dinner and that they plan on killing him. They keep the workers hostage as they wait, but Old Anderson never shows up and the gangsters leave, releasing the workers. Nick decides to go tell Ole Anderson that two men are out to kill him and that he should leave town. Old Anderson tells him there isn’t anything to do about it. Nick returns and discusses the situation with George. The short story ends here, but this is only the beginning for the film.
The short story by Hemingway is covered in the first fifteen minutes of the film which has a running time of about an hour and a half. The rest of the movie is newly written material, adding more characters and giving more depth to Hemingway’s short story. The film continues after Nick arrives back to the lunch room.
Unlike the short story, the murder of Ole Anderson...

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