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Help Documents Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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ne of the challenges with wikis (or at least with Mediawiki) is figuring out how to title pages that all belong to the same product or group. I spent a bit of time researching best practices with this and didn’t come up with a clear answer. I tried to also figure out why I’d never come across this page titling conundrum before.

Here’s the problem. On a large wiki, you have pages about many different products. For simplicity sake, let’s say that on your wiki, you have documentation about products A, B, C, D, and E. Instruction for each of these products is rather long, so rather than having each wiki page contain all the information for the product, you decide to break up the information into smaller pages. After all, you are conscious of people saying TLDR (“too long, didn’t read”) and simply dismissing your content. So let’s say you break up each product’s instructional content into 10 pages each.

For product A, some of these topics include titles like Setting preferences, Running reports, Creating widgets, and Adding new users. For product B, you have similar but slightly different topics: Configuring your profile, Exporting reports, Adding widgets, and Setting up new users. The other products have similar topics.

If each product’s topics were kept in separate, clearly distinct containers, you wouldn’t have much of an issue. And in fact traditional webhelp files do usually segment product information like this. In a traditional help authoring scenario, each product would have its own generated webhelp output, and it wouldn’t matter if the topic names were similar because the content would be siloed from each other anyway.

However, wikis are different beasts. Usually an organization’s wiki acts as one platform for many products. Help material for products A, B, C, D, and E are all on the same wiki platform. As such, there’s a need to distinguish product help from each other through unique page titles.

Wikipedia has several techniques for doing this....

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