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Help Essay

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  • on March 23, 2012
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Courage is not just being Brave
The Help is controversial and emotionally moving film of Tate Taylor which is about three different women in Mississippi in 1960’s.   The women built an unlikely friendship around a secret writing project concerning race and class divisions during the civil rights that breaks social rules and put them all at risk. The movie sets a group of spirited, courageous black women against the white women of the upper class who abuse them. The whites are the employers of the blacks’ women; they are cruel to their maids knowing that there is hard for them to find a new job. The movie represents the whites as villains who believe to live separate from the black people although it is the black maids who cook their food and take care of their children. Here comes Skeeter Phelan a white woman who decides to write about the relationship to the maids and give black women in her town a voice. She seems to have been shipped into town fully evolved from another culture; she also determines to find out what happened to Constantine Jefferson, a made she adored who mysteriously vanished while she was at college. Skeeter with the help of the maids starts a precarious project, to write the book the Help by interviewing the maids. The movie is as about Skeeter who is a smart, independent and courageous young woman who comes to rescue and works hard to give the black woman a voice so it is about woman’s inhumanity to woman. (just as destructive as man’s inhumanity to man) and about responding to such inhumanity with either cowardice or courage.
Skeeter has just graduated from university and moves into the family. She finds a job for the local newspaper which she sees as first step towards her dream becoming a journalist or a novelist. “I am going to be a serious writer Mrs. Blackly” (The Help), says Skeeter. She is young, smart and determined, but not married as most of her friends are which disturbs her conservative mother who wants her settle down with a...

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