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Hello Essay

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  • on April 15, 2015
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Name:     EZEKIEL I. GARCIA           Period:     # 4               Date:     April 3rd, 2015

AP World History – Mr. Quintana – G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School
Chapters 32
The Building of Global Empires

General Instructions:   Print this packet.   Answer the following vocabulary and questions on separate sheets of paper.   Please handwrite all of your answers.   Answer all questions in complete sentences.   Once you complete your homework, attach your answer sheets to this packet (packet first, answer sheets second).   You may use your digital textbook (found on your student portal), the Internet, and your Quintana notes as sources of information

Vocabulary Instructions: Answer all vocabulary words with two to three sentences of information

Define Key Terms

Suez Canal | Berlin Conference |
New Imperialism | Afrikaners |
Colonialism | Boer War |
Scramble for Africa | Emilio Aguinaldo |
King Leopold II | Panama Canal |

Answer each question in one short paragraph (3-4 sentences), giving the definition, dates, and significance.  
  1) Describe the connection between the Industrial Revolution and European Imperialism.

  2) Who were the Social Darwinists and how did their ideas support European ethnocentrism?
  3) Describe in detail the three main reasons for imperialism.

  4) What sort of tools did Europeans use to subjugate the people they colonized?
  5) What were some of the items sought after by Europeans when trying to colonize India?

  6) What factors contributed to the decline of the Mogul Empire which allowed Britain and France to seize power in India?

  7) What organization helped the British defeat the French for control of India?

  8) What were the causes and results of the Sepoy Mutiny in India?

  9) Describe the political, social, and economic effects of British colonialism on India.

  10) What was the only country in Southeast Asia to remain independent of European colonial control?   What were...

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