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Hello Essay

  • Submitted by: SophieBieber
  • on March 23, 2012
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The role of women in World War 1
My topic: discuss how the role of women in Australia changed during World War 1. Consider and discuss the new occupational avenues available to women as well as their contribution to the front line.

Before the First World War, women’s roles were domestic but when the war begun women were expected to take on jobs that were traditionally men’s. However, when the war ended, women were sacked and men were re-employed. This shows how women were treated in the late 1800s, probably before, and the early 1900s. The role of Australian women at the time of world war 1 was to all the jobs the men that went to war left behind like farming, running factories ect. They already had to help make clothes and socks for soldiers and cook and clean. The women in Australia had a lot of stress put in them because the men left, yes there was one or two less mouths to feed but that just added more jobs to the list of things to do. Women had to deal with everyday life alone, they had to take care of children and get a decent income to be able to care for them. Not to mention the shortage of resources. The Australians government was sending a lot of the food and supplies over to the soldiers at war and
But women weren’t just back in Australia, we had nurses and other medical workers go over to war and help heal wounded soldiers. More than 2300 Australian nurses went overseas to help out, and that had a major effect on Australia, with so many nurses overseas, there were less nurses to help other sick people back at home. These nurses would have seen some of the most horrific things, some really bad injuries. It would have been a very hard job, seeing people in such a state, blown to bits and they were expected to stay calm and treat it as best they could. They saw so many people die in there and it would have been heart breaking.   But it wasn’t just the soldiers that were dying in the war too, around 25 nurses died whilst over there. Although that seems...

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