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Helena's from Shakespeare Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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How happy some o'er other some can be!
Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.
But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so.
He will not know what all but he do know.
And as he errs, doting on Hermia’s eyes,
So I, admiring of his qualities.
Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
Nor hath Love’s mind of any judgment taste—
Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste.
And therefore is Love said to be a child,
Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.
As waggish boys in game themselves forswear,
So the boy Love is perjured everywhere.
For ere Demetrius looked on Hermia’s eyne,
He hailed down oaths that he was only mine
And when this hail some heat from Hermia felt,
So he dissolved, and showers of oaths did melt.
I will go tell him of fair Hermia’s flight.
Then to the wood will he tomorrow night

Shakespeare wrote Midnight Summer’s Dream in many ways. He wrote this play with different kinds of prose and verses. In this monologue, Shakespeare used a rhymed verse throughout Helena’s passage. He begins every line with a capitalized letter, which shows that it is a verse. At the end of every line, he rhymed each word with the next sequential line. For example, he rhymed “be” with “she, so to know, and mind to blind. Shakespeare also tries to force this monologue into a rhyme verse by including “eyne” instead of using eye, but in the sake of making it a rhyme verse he uses eyne to rhyme with mine in the next line.   Since he included two rhyming pairs of lines in iambic pentameter, It also shows that he uses a couplet or heroic couplet in this monologue (use reference). Examples are: mind to blind, taste to haste, and child to beguiled. This shows an aa, bb, and cc rhythm in those sequential lines.
Shakespeare uses different kinds of figurative language or figures of speech to create this monologue. In using...

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