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Heidi Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Heidi is a wonderful book by the very talented Johanna Spyri.
This is a book about a girl who lost her parents at a very young age.

Heidi’s aunt (Dete) took care of Heidi when her parents died from a fallen down tree. When Heidi was five, Dete got a good job in Frankfurt, and had to get Heidi another home. She tried first with Heidi’s grandfather. Heidi’s grandfather He was very, very reluctant to take Heidi, but Dete just left Heidi there and didn’t come back.
Heidi’s grandfather was known as a mean, grumpy, old man who resented people. The reason why he was like that was because he got angry with Heidi’s parents and chased them out of the mountains, and a tree fell down and killed them. He felt very responsible for that incident, so he stayed away from the city (Dorfli), and basically secluded himself from the world.
Heidi had made quite an impact on her grandfather’s behavior. Heidi was like a ray of sunshine, her light blinded people from sorrow or even just the cruel happenings of reality.
When Heidi had first come, her grandfather had noticed what a bright and lovely girl she was, and almost immediately adjusted his grouchy personality for her. He had gave Heidi fresh goat milk and cheese with bread (One major reason I loved this book was because it was so descriptive, you felt like you were right there).
Heidi met the goat herder Peter (who was about 9ish), and he showed her around the captivating Swiss mountains. When they stopped to eat lunch, Heidi caught Peter almost beating a goat for it’s misbehavior, but she stopped him and offered to give him cheese and some of her bread every day just as long as he didn’t hurt the goats. They walked back to the cabin and Peter started little by little liking Heidi more and more.
Heidi wanted to go down the mountain to see Peter’s family, so her grandfather took her there and dropped her off. Peter’s grandmother was blind, and so happy to have company. She was surprised that her grandfather...

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