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Heider Essay

  • Submitted by: jkeis9401
  • on March 22, 2012
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In the poem To Look at Anyone is about how you can look someone and not know anything about them until you know their verbal and nonverbal ways to understand who they really are.   Heider’s Attribution Theory is the theory that we explain someone’s behavior by blaming the situation or the person before we get enough information to know the details of the incident.   Fundamental attribution errors are the tendency for people to analyze another person and to underestimate the situation but overestimate the person involved.   This can also be compared to the metaphor “judging a book by its cover”.  
The role of silence in this poem refers to how silence can be a language all on its own.   It is used to communicate in different situations and for different moods.   You might be silent because you are mad, but you may also be silent while you are sitting with a friend watching the sunset.   The attribution theory may be used if a person has had a bad day, maybe their dog died, that person silence may be in mourning for their pet but while at work co-workers look at that person as being grumpy.   They may talk about that person saying what a bad mood the person is in before they get to know what is really wrong with them.  
In the first stanza the silences are described as minute, eloquent and soft.   I feel it is easier to look at someone and understand their silences.   Some of which you might share together.   In stanza two it is talking about any people their silences are harder to decode, they may be groups of people who share the same silence in ways that are different from the others.
Silence is a critical form of communication; it can be used in many different ways.   Sometimes silence is the only way you can effectively communicate with another person. It can also be positive or negative.   Without silence you would have to find words for our thoughts and feelings and most of the time there are none, silence works best.

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