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Heart or Mind? Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Heart or Mind?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

First, its matter of thinking that from where my thinking and ideas come????. Is it the creation of my mind or heart? Or in other words, what is the source of the creation of my ideas, thinking wishes etc. some are of the opinion that all mentioned things are the creation of heart whereas others are of the opinion that these things are the creation of mind. What you think? Ok… leave it just tell me it this thinkable topic or not? But from where you think? From you heart or from your mind? Believe me…. Me too don’t know that should I blame my heart for thinking or should I blame my mind for my thinking.
Now just come towards the other school of thoughts. One is called “Idealism” and the other called “Realism”. There is no proof for me to prove my point of view but mostly the things and ideas close to the realism,, are the creation of mind. The mind wants proves, evidences to accept and to generate ideas. And the ideas which lead us towards the idealism are the creation of heart. So, again we find two definitions first one “Thoughts & ideas which lead towards the realism are generated by mind”
And second definition
“Thoughts & ideas which lead towards the idealism are generated by heart”
But all our discussion is just illusion, what is the fact? Perhaps nobody knows. I know just one thing that realism is better reality. And idealism is a cup of juice. And one should have idealism and imaginative world where he can take refuge. Or in other words from the desert of reality we should escape towards the greenery of imaginative fields. So, while writing I find some pair of words and in future post I will try to write more on these words. These words are:
Realism + Reality + Harsh/ Bitter + Desert + Thinking of Mind
And the second set is:
Idealism + Imaginative World + Soft + Greenery + Thinking of Heart.

Thank you for you spending your precious time and reading my post. Wishing you Best of Luck. I will appreciate if you post some comments or send me mail.

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